Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Spray Mecanism V.3

This version is based on the conclusions of the last two versions.
It uses spray paint cans located under the center of gravity of the drone and connected to the paint head with silicon tubes.
I 3d printed the caps that are connected to the cans and the part that connects the nozzle to the servo to the arm.

These are the parts i 3d printed. 2 for the spray paint cans and 1 for the nozzle and the servo.
On top of this part i fixed a screw to press the head of the can and let the paint flow into the silicon tubes.
This is the head of the arm.
We cut the spraying mechanism out of an empty can and fixed it under the servo.
The servo will press the head of the spray can and release the paint.
Ready to fly.


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