Saturday, December 12, 2015

Rohaimi Mohamed-maker

Rohaimi Mohamed is a maker from Singapore.
Rohaimi is a very active maker and posts the progress of his inspiring work almost every day.
Rohaimi's work is about autonomous vehicles with wheels that make graffiti and that puts him in the wonderful group of people that build tools to make digital street art.
I guess his vehicles use an Arduino bord to navigate , ir sensor to avoid obstacles and a servo to push the nozzle of the spray paint can.
watch one of his many videos to get the full impact of his work  
and visit his Fcebook page to keep updated.

I call here Mr.Rohaimi to comment and tell us more about him self, what he does and what we can expect from him in the future.

Monday, November 30, 2015

The Journey To Barcelona

The journey to Barcelona made me change the way I think about the GRAFFITI DRONE project.
It happened after I followed the street in the area of El Raval & Poble Sec in Barcelona.
This story is about the history & the present of the graffiti scene in Barcelona & how it made me start
In the year 1975, with the death of Franco, the GRAFFITI scene in Barcelona prospered.
Barcelona became the graffiti capital of Europe.
Artists from all over the world came to take part in the scene.
In the early 90's the municipality of Barcelona decided to ban graffiti.They said it made tourists feel unsafe. 
Thet erased GRAFFITI from the walls and imposed fines on the offenders.
Now you can find GRAFFITI and STREET ART only on doors,windows & shatters.
Sometimes the municipality order art work from famous artists.
(Artist name:Sixe paredes)
There are laces where it is allwoed to do GRAFFITI.
Poble Sec Barcelona.
There is a phenomena of foreigners coming to Barcelona to do GRAFFITI.
They are called  "The Travelers".
While I was touring, I met & interviewed two interesting & known well street artists.
I told them about my GRAFFITI DRONE PROJECT & showed them this video.
They were excited & told me what they think.

It was then when I understood that it is all about the community.I got to this stage in the development thank to the help from many people that did it only because they liked the idea & wanted to take a part in it. I have to listen to the community to better understand the need and to make the right improvements.
For that I decided to establish the DrawnKnight community, that will be involved in the development of the GRAFFITI DRONE PROJECT and robotic digital street art tools.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Spray Mecanism V.3

This version is based on the conclusions of the last two versions.
It uses spray paint cans located under the center of gravity of the drone and connected to the paint head with silicon tubes.
I 3d printed the caps that are connected to the cans and the part that connects the nozzle to the servo to the arm.

These are the parts i 3d printed. 2 for the spray paint cans and 1 for the nozzle and the servo.
On top of this part i fixed a screw to press the head of the can and let the paint flow into the silicon tubes.
This is the head of the arm.
We cut the spraying mechanism out of an empty can and fixed it under the servo.
The servo will press the head of the spray can and release the paint.
Ready to fly.

Building Spray Paint Mechanisms V.1 V.2

The first version of the spray paint mechanism i build in the "Fab Aacademy" course.
It was made from duraluminum,bolts,springs,perspecs...and it was very heavy... 

The downside of this mechanism was that the spray paint can was not located under the center of gravity of the drone, causing it to spend a lot of energy on stabilization.

David Vorsin , ,an UAV developer, help me and built this spray paint arm, made from small air brush parts.

The system get compressed air from cans of air used by computer technicians for cleaning electronic parts, located under the center of gravity and paint from the small cap near the nozzle.
compressed air
- The air brush spray is to weak
- I need a much stronger spray system

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Version V.2 "Graffiti Drone"

About a year ago,i met Edi Zusin,a "tailor made" drone builder
He is an expert in this field and the best partner for the project.

We did a lot of tests for the last year, checking frames, painting mechanisms, sensors,engines... and decided that the best configuration will be the  Y6.
This is a Y6 configuration.
It has six motors, a pixhawk flight controller and a battery that can keep him in the air for about 25 minutes, carrying up to 1 k"g of payload.
On top of the drone you can see a GPS RTK system i bought in Kickstarter.It is still not operating and has no integration to the pixhawk flight controller.

It was time to find the right spray mechanism.